Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

If Black Rebel Motorcycle Club looks and sounds like a band that swiped its name from a 1950s biker flick, that’s because it did. And like that swaggering slice of celluloid, Marlon Brando’s The Wild One, B.R.M.C. adopts a defiantly cool stance for modern America. The Los Angeles trio made its debut in 1998 with its instant-classic self-titled album, then barnstormed the alt-goth netherworld with leather-clad grooves, glam-slammed guitars and vocals that were fuzzier than a Sunday-morning hangover. Although the band’s 2003 follow-up, Take Them On, On Your Own, featured more polished production, B.R.M.C.’s primitive live shows continue to rely on punkish energy and buckets of sweat. Look for the black-clad trio to be in raw, painkilling form on its latest outing, having just recovered from guitarist Peter Hayes’ hand surgery after Hayes took a tumble off a stage in the UK.

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