Bishop Allen is at the Czar tonight

We’d almost forgotten about Bishop Allen and its likable high-fructose pop. It has been five years, after all, since the group founded by Brooklyn’s Justin Rice and Christian Rudder last put out new material (2009’s Grrr…). Now, this favorite early-aughts act is back with Lights Out, an album that sounds kind of like the band has been holding onto it for a few years.

Lights Out is full of happy-go-lucky guitar work and bouncy, lighthearted drums — the same sounds that dominated the charts when Bishop Allen was first earning its wings, back when Rice and Rudder were wee pop stars in training at, uh, Harvard. Hit up Czar Tuesday to see if BA still has its chops. And if you have any questions or complaints about online-dating site OkCupid, bug Rudder — he co-founded the thing.

Details here

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