Bird scooters are back on the streets of KC. How do we know they’re safe?

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The Birds are back. The Birds are back. The Birds are back in town.

Is that a good thing? How are they being managed? How are they being cleaned to make sure these transportation devices out in the world aren’t helping spread the coronavirus?

Jasmine Wallsmith from Bird’s marketing and press department was kind enough to answer our questions.

Bird has brought more scooters in the metro area, and is donating profits from their rental to support local businesses.

The relaunch in KC came ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, to help citizens complete long rides over the holiday.

In a genuinely cool move, healthcare workers are getting free rides. Which we feel like might help cancel out some of our general dislike of the vehicles that seem to litter our sidewalks constantly. Let’s see how long they hold up that support, and maybe they’ll help bend the curve of our public opinion.

The million-dollar question is how are these devices being cleaned amidst a pandemic? Here’s where a bit of the PR spin doesn’t specifically answer our questions. The team does “Bird Baths” where vehicles are cleaned using a 13-point process following CDC guidelines. This cleaning seems to be dependant on “routine checks” that occur for the devices, but there are no concrete promises regarding what frequency that might occur. Is that after every three drivers? Is it once a week? Is it just whenever local employees come upon a Bird? Beyond that, the app encourages people to maintain social distancing, but that’s not really enforcement beyond an honor system.


The company has a new blog post on sanitization.

They also have a new post on the longer ride trend and another on the new Quick Start feature launched today.

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