Bikes fall in love on Craigslist

According to a Craigslist Missed Connections post, two bikes on I-35 fell in love. But love at 55 miles per hour can’t last, can it? (Lots of [sic] in the following.)

Today my big green bike seems to have fallen in love with your little

red bike. I know, I was as surprised as anyone to learn that my bike is

lesbian. But, it seems that she likes smaller, well built bikes and it

was all I could do keep her from looking overly eager. (I hear that is

bad.) We were headed to work on I-35 South, when you caught up to us

and passed on the inside. Thinking back on it, your bike may have been

flirting with mine the way she signaled like that and then cut back

into the outside lane just one car ahead of us.

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