Bike’s Burgers is the culmination of more than 50 years of a family’s food passion

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In 1965 a young Bill Mosburg and his wife Nancy opened up Bike’s Burgers in Hays, KS. It was the golden age of the hamburger, with Town Topic’s multiple locations thriving, McDonald’s beginning its rise to worldwide success and Wendy’s not even conceived of.

Using the techniques he’d learned as a grocer, Mosburg ensured that the meat that was served was a literal cut above the competition. After that, he went on to start Little Duffer Burgers and Ice Cream, and later Wiley’s Burgers.

Wiley’s Burger very quickly became a chain and then a franchise, and in the mid-70s, Mosburg sold the location to Taco Bell. That was when he pivoted to the restaurant equipment business – and opened B&J Peerless, a KCK business that is still popular today. Then he sold the company in 2017. 

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After retiring, Mosburg decided to open a fast-food burger joint with his sons, who worked alongside him at B&J Peerless. That joint is Bike’s, a local burger joint that aims for high-quality fast food. 

All food at Bike’s is made to order. The meat is ground on-site and Mosburg comes in every Saturday to cut the pork tenderloin. Mosburg wants to create a place that he can share the fruits of 60+ years in the food industry with the world, and also continue to mentor staff. Amongst these staff members are seven of Mosburg’s grandchildren, all attending high school and college and learning valuable skills at the restaurant as well.

Mosburg says the experience of training, and working with motivated young people in the restaurant business and seeing them go on to open their own restaurants has been a huge joy to him and one of the things he loves the most about the restaurant industry. 

In this pandemic stricken world, it’s tricky to run a restaurant. Bike’s, like most restaurants, has seen a huge drop in traffic with indoor dining. However, the fast-food window has stayed as active as ever, with more and more people stopping by. After the pandemic is over, Mosburg says that he is very excited to get back to business and have a chance to share his hospitality with the world. 

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