Big Sexy New Year’s Eve Vol. 5

The hip-hop world better take notice if the cast of Thursday’s Big Sexy New Year’s Eve Vol. 5 party makes any resolutions at midnight. Performers Approach, Steddy P., Royce Diamond, the Soul Servers, Greg Enemy, Atilla, MilkDrop, and DJ G Train are notorious overachievers — the kinds of rappers who churn out multiple projects a year and actually put their (gas) money where their mouths are when it comes to touring and promoting their shit. Diamond’s Aficionado, Steddy’s Style Like Mind, MilkDrop’s Falling Back to Earth, and Greg Enemy’s Protocol EP were four reasons that 2009 was a banner year for Kansas City hip-hop. The night’s champagne toast is one that will be well-deserved for the eclectic group of lyricists and producers who comprise the Datura Records, Soul Providers and IndyGround crews.

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