Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

The Kansas City Symphony is going to get bigger, badder and voodoo daddier than ever — for one night at least — when Big Bad Voodoo Daddy snaps and crackles during its Symphony Pops debut. Daddy is one of the last bands standing after the group’s appearance in Swingers jump-started the ’90s swing revival. Thankfully, these survivors are more akin to the Squirrel Nut Zippers than to shameless bandwagon hoppers such as the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and that group’s infernal “Zoot Suit Riot.” Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has since added New Orleans jazz to its Rat Pack repertoire and begun hooking up with local orchestras for symphonic extravaganzas. You could call Daddy’s date with the KC Symphony “money,” except Swingers was almost 10 years ago, and we’re not saying that anymore.

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