Beware, red-light runners: More red-light cameras are coming

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Five more red-light cameras go live on May 4, so it’s best to stop blowing through the lights at:

  • West 79th and Wornall
  • East 63rd and Prospect
  • 39th and Main
  • East 19th and Walnut
  • 27th and Southwest Trafficway

Or check out this handy dandy map.

Those cameras will be in addition to the cameras that are already live at West 39th Street and Southwest Trafficway. The Kansas City Star says about 900 tickets — at $113.50 a head — since February 21 (only 10 percent of those tickets have been paid).

A couple of good blogs this morning on the new lights. Nick Sloan calls bullshit on the claims that the cameras increase public safety. In fact, accidents increased at intersections where cameras were installed in Florida and Washington, D.C. Sloan writes:

Trust me – city government does not give one rat’s ass about your

safety or your family’s safety. This is a cheap way to make some

revenue and then do what government does best – waste it.

TKC wonders why there aren’t any red light cameras in the Northland. The Northland won’t be left out for long.

Public Works spokesman Dennis Gagnon tells me that more lights will be coming, including some in the Northland near Flint Lock Road in Liberty. Gagnon says five or six intersections are under review, and the next set of lights could be on state routes, including Bruce R. Watkins Drive.

Gagnon says the program is already acting as a deterrent with fewer instances of red-light running than before the cameras. And no, there won’t be a 30-day grace period with the new red-light cameras. Gagnon says they’re trying to get the info out in the media so there won’t be “a surprise scenario.”

“The last thing we need is for people to feel it’s a gotcha program,” Gagnon says.

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