Betse Ellis, Brandon Phillips, Cody Wyoming and Tommy Donoho have a free show tonight

The Midwest Music Foundation has quite the local lineup assembled this Friday, featuring acoustic sets from Betse Ellis, Brandon Phillips, Cody Wyoming and Tommy Donoho. 

Betse Ellis is one of Kansas City’s go-to fiddle players, and last year’s High Moon Order was one of The Pitch‘s top albums of 2013. Ellis blends an Ozark sound with her own folk sensibility, making the sort of front-porch-at-twilight music that feels so natural.

Brandon Phillips, frontman for punk-rock outfit the Architects, will be performing a solo acoustic set. Cody Wyoming, of the Pedaljets and Philistines fame and a dozen other projects, will also be performing. Tommy Donoho, the guy in charge of the rowdy roots-rocking Dollar Fox, rounds out the night. Proceeds from this show will go towards funding the Midwest Music Foundation’s SXSW showcase. 

This show is free. Donations are encouraged. Details here

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