Best of KC 2020: Classical music continues its grand crescendo

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This month, we published The Pitch’s annual Best of Kansas City issue. You can browse the results of the readers’ poll here. The issue also included a list, compiled and written by our editorial staff, of some of our current favorite things about Kansas City in 2020. We’ll be publishing these items online throughout November. 

Like the music it features, Classical KC’s timing and pitch have been sublime. The 24-hour classical music station went on the air in July at 91.9 on the FM dial. It was the balm that Kansas City needed. With the Kansas City Symphony and other ensembles still in COVID-19 hibernation, Classical KC brings great music into our cars, offices and living rooms. As its sister station, KCUR 89.3, astutely notes in its promos, Classical KC is that oasis we can run to when the turbulence of 2020 gets to be too much. 

Part of the station’s mission is to promote and spotlight the wealth of musical talent in the Kansas City region. While much of its content is syndicated in these first months, the station will be featuring more local hosts and productions as pandemic isolation eases and fundraising picks up. Like KCUR, Classical KC depends on community support and listener contributions. For now, we can gratefully sit back and experience a moment of grandeur on our dials and devices. The station is online at Discord and clamor may be crowding our screens and our psyches, but the music of the ages is not far away.

Classical KC

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