Best of Kansas City 2021: We Open Shop makes dream projects a reality

A view of Maker Village

A view of Maker Village. // Photo by Jason Domingues Photography

We fervently believe that you can bungle your way through most things in life with the right mix of bravery and shamelessness (this paper’s continued existence is proof enough). But even we know not to shortcut some learning curves—say, changing the blades on a table saw or using an arc welder. 

Which is why we (and our limbs) are thankful for We Open Shop, a monthly open workshop at Maker Village designed to help women and non-binary people gain confidence in wood and metalworking.

Facilitators Angelica Sandoval, Greta de la Rua, and Megan Pace are knowledgeable and patient coaches who will meet you where you are, whether you’re ready to master dovetail joints or just want to learn the difference between a planer and a miter saw. 

Participating couldn’t be easier: you bring a project idea and some materials, and We Open Shop’s facilitators will help you make it a reality. But the specific thing you create is secondary to the knowledge and training you gain. No one here is going to make fun of your weakpot drafting skills. They’ll pick up a pencil and show you how it’s done.

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