Best of Kansas City 2021: Thelma’s is serving up great food and community

Lunch from Thelma's getting ready for boxes. // Photo courtesy Thelma's Kitchen

Lunch from Thelma’s getting ready for boxes. // Photo courtesy Thelma’s Kitchen

Thelma’s Kitchen, the city’s first donate-what-you-can cafe, has been serving healthy, delicious food from its spot at 31st and Troost since the summer of 2018. The community-focused cafe serves meals for a suggested donation of $11 but is ready to give complete meals for free to any neighbors in need. 

What really made Thelma’s shine this year is how quickly the cafe adapted to COVID-19. With people not being able to eat in person, Thelma’s created boxed lunches to serve out of a to-go window. The team’s adaptability not only ensured they continued to serve food-insecure people in KC, but that they were also able to expand Thelma’s and offer more services to the community.

Thelma’s feeds people regardless of money—but more importantly, they are focused on creating bonds between neighbors and bringing people safely together in an era of separation. Order a boxed lunch today or cater Thelma’s for your next event to taste the best community-centered food that Kansas City has to offer.

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