Best of Kansas City 2021: The Black Pantry is at Martini Corner with open arms

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The food selection at The Black Pantry.// Photo by Savannah Hawley

The Black Pantry opened the doors to its first brick-and-mortar location April 8 of this year. The space, located on Martini Corner, is filled to the brim with goods from Black artisans and business owners. Beyond great products, The Black Pantry is about uplifting and supporting the Black community and creating a safe space for Black people to shop without being judged. 

“You can tell you’re not 100% welcomed, or you’re being watched,” says Brian Roberts, owner of The Black Pantry. “You know when you walk into a particular space, who it’s catered to. A lot of these cool trendy spaces, you know they don’t cater to Black people.” 

Roberts more than achieved his goal of a cool and trendy space that is 100% welcoming. The Black Pantry is continuing to do pop-ups with other business owners, but the store is always ready for shoppers to come and buy Black. 

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