Best of Kansas City 2021: Riled up for RILEY THE MUSICIAN

RILEY THE MUSICIAN in Daisy Lee Vintage

RILEY THE MUSICIAN in Daisy Lee Vintage. // Photo by Travis Young

This past year, The Pitch has given a lot of ink to hyperpop ingénue Ana Kennedy Domville, known by her stage name RILEY THE MUSICIAN.

In June, we got her thoughts on corporate Pride—“[Pride is] doing whatever I want and not caring about what other people say”—and more recently, the inimitable mystery that is Montana—“I would be happy moving to Montana and just flying people up and making music.” 

Domville’s music career has risen on the tide of diligently engineered music feeding off a sense of magic and otherworldliness. We can’t get enough, so thank the goddess that her next album is releasing Nov. 19.

The aptly-titled Montana springs from Domeville’s time in the state, as well as fresh aesthetic and musical inspirations from electronic to folk.

The drop feels so close yet too far away, so in the meantime, we’ll continue to bump our favorite jams, like “99” and “Iced Out (Slowed).”

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