Best of Kansas City 2021: KCPL’s Wikipedian in Residence gives us the tools to edit our own histories

Kansas City Public Library

In June, the Kansas City Public Library announced a new staff position: the Wikipedian in Residence, or WiR. Miranda Pratt is filling the post for the inaugural year-long tenure—they are the first WiR paid by a public library in the U.S.  

Pratt’s job is multifaceted and community-facing. One of their primary responsibilities has been to update and edit Wikipedia and its metadata based on resources from the library. They are also leading free workshops on how to edit Wikipedia and hosting events to encourage the growth of the local KC Wikipedia community. 

“I think that is a really tangible way for Kansas Citians to [get involved]: Learn how to edit Wikipedia and then write what they believe is important,” says Pratt. “I want to have enough people who know what they’re doing and how to navigate the platform that they can feel comfortable writing their own histories.”

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