Best of Kansas City 2021: Housing Unions are getting the job done

KC Tenants protesting outside City Hall

KC Tenants protesting outside City Hall. // Photo by Chase Castor

Across the city, rent prices continue to rise and landlords continue to prize profit over people. Over the past year, rent increased from anywhere between 6-13% in Kansas City.

In the face of gentrification and developers taking over the city, KC Tenants, KC Homeless Union, and other tenants unions are ensuring that housing becomes equitable.

This year, KC Tenants successfully ran Zero Eviction January and prevented hundreds of evictions from taking place in the middle of the pandemic. The KC Homeless Union forced the city to pay attention by setting up two different protest camps and created solutions so that many unhoused people wouldn’t spend the freezing winter outdoors.

They didn’t stop there. From the People’s Housing Trust Fund to organizing tenants all over the city to prevent developers from pricing out residents, these unions are working to ensure that we all have access to safe, affordable housing.


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