Best of Kansas City 2021: Everything’s coming up Yoli

A spread from Yoli Tortilleria

A spread from Yoli Tortilleria. // Photo by Alyssa Broadus

What started as Marissa Gencarelli wanting a taste of her home in Sonora, Mexico turned into Kansas City’s favorite tortillas. She and her husband, Mark, opened up Yoli Tortilleria in 2017. Their quest for the perfect taste and texture catapulted them to stardom around the city. When the Gencarellis opened up their Westside location in 2019, they had a cult following that was growing by the day. 

If you have yet to make it to Yoli’s storefront, you’ve likely already tried their tortillas. Numerous taco spots and restaurants around the metro rely on Yoli tortillas for their flavor and the way they hold up.

Sonoran-style flour and corn tortillas line the shop. In addition, Yoli has a wide selection of agua frescas, salsas, and paletas. They’ve been hosting pop-ups from their Westside location throughout the year—partnering with chefs to create fusion worth standing in line for.

As they grow, they continue to widen their selection and attract more hordes of hungry followers. Yoli ascended to fame quickly, and deservedly so. 

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