Best of Kansas City 2021: Clothed by Clothz Minded

The exterior of Clothz Minded in Westport. Above the door hangs a metal sign covered in greenery that bares the name of the business.

Clothz Minded

Since 2010, Nicole Ortega has been running her sustainable collection boutique in the heart of Westport. The thoughtfully curated store is all second-hand, picked by Ortega herself. Whether it’s highly discounted designer goods or affordable closet staples, shoppers can score incredible deals here.

The best part about the store is Ortega’s drive and commitment to giving each customer the best experience possible. She’s constantly updating the store’s inventory (which means great periodical sales), selling clothes on Instagram and in shop, and tailoring each interaction to the customer she’s working with.

For sustainable shopping at a store run by a caring and knowledgeable person, there’s nowhere we’d rather go.

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