Best of Kansas City 2010: We geek out over our hometown, you call us insane. Everyone wins!

Sometime today our kindly circulation guy will drop several pounds of fawning inside your favorite bar or restaurant, a thick ream of love ready for you to shred with disagreement. We gush over Waldo Pizza; you compare their pies to hockey pucks or frisbees or some other sporting implement. We leave out your favorite hair stylist, you make fun of our shitty haircuts. This is the dance. It happens every fall, and every year we make out on the dance floor for 14 minutes and spend the rest of the night in the parking lot, threatening to stab each other with shards of King Cobra bottles.

Good times.

This year’s theme is “Geek Love,” a nod to the geekification of even our purest pursuits, be it football, food or even getting drunk, each of which has become as much science as art. Pick a copy up and glue it to your coffee table, or simply bookmark, which handily archives a decade’s worth of our favorites. Send complaints, caveats and congratulations to

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