Best Of Extra: Bowling with Ollie Harbin

In July, 81-year-old Lee’s Summit bowler Ollie Harbin became the oldest American woman to roll a perfect 300 in a sanctioned game. She also rolled her way into our Best Of Kansas City awards as Best Bowler.

Harbin has been a bowler off and on for 30 years, and when she’s on, she’s on. Harbin’s 12-strike game in July was the second of her career, and the first after hip replacement surgery.

She rolls her 14-pound ball with a slight hook to it so it fades right and strikes the pocket, which is the space between the front pin and the one behind it and to the right. That’s how you bowl strikes, and Harbin is pretty darn good at it.

Click the video to watch her in action.

That lady can roll.

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