Best Bets, Weekend Edition: CES Cru/ACBs, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Caribou

The Black Keys are doing their neo-blues thing at the Crossroads at Grinders. But it’s sold out. You could maybe lurk around on the street outside and listen to the show. First Fridays is tonight, too, so that should be a happenin’ part of town. 
Weezer is playing the Buzz Under the Stars concert at City Market. But that would be kind of like having lunch with an ex-girlfriend who’s now involved in the Tea Party movement. Coheed and Cambria opens. 
CES Cru and the ACBs are together at Riot Room, doing their mishmash thing. That’s our pick. That, or the very refreshing and pure Americana of Grisly Hand at Davey’s. 
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