Be/Non releases trailer for upcoming film

Brodie Rush’s Be/Non is making a film to coincide with its upcoming release, A Mountain of Yeses, which is coming out as a vinyl/download package on May 19. The film’s live-action protagonist is played by Steve Tulipana, … More details to come… who plays Captain Gray, a spaceman in search of a home away from planet earth, Brodie Rush tells us.

Gray finds his way to the Planet of Knives, meets his sweetheart there and plans to take her home with him, but things don’t go as planned. “It’s a whole complicated story that goes with what the record is about,” Rush says. The film will be about an hour long and contain animation, stop-motion, green screen, special effects, “all kinds of mediums,” Rush says. He’s aiming for a Fall 2009 release. As of now, he has lots of people helping him but basically no budget. Still, he’s determined to press on.

“Nobody cares about an album coming out, so this is a way to insure a cult following for the future,” he says.

Be/Non Trailer

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