Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller‘s 2002 album Sha Sha was so catchy that even Kylie Minogue would be, like, whoa. It’s impossible to hear a single song from this album without getting it stuck in your head, and you’ll be grateful for the inconvenience. It’s the perfect combination of smile-inducing guitar jangle, Pavement’s making-it-up-as-we-go spirit, the Ramones’ good-natured juvenile-offender attitude and Weezer power chords. There’s no logical reason it’s not all over the radio, but instead of hearing Kweller’s anthems every five minutes, rock fans have to settle for Godsmack and its fun-as-ditch-digging bleats. Why do radio programmers hate us all? No matter; any performer this in love with making joyful noise can’t be kept from his rightful place at the top of the charts for long.

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