Belger Art Center’s Resident Artist Exhibition showcases sculpture work that brings complicated conversations to life

The exhibition opens Friday and will remain open until September 2.

Gina Pisto, “flowerpot VII,” 2023. Stoneware, glaze, 54x18x19 in. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Belger Art Center’s tenth annual Resident Artist Exhibition will open June 2, 2023, featuring the work of national and international ceramic artists at the Belger Crane Gallery. 

The public is invited to an opening reception Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. where they can meet the artists and view their wide range of work that is a culmination of their time in the residency program. 

The exhibition includes pieces by six artists, all of whom were invited to expand their body of work and build professional development in the foundation’s Artists in Residence program. Originating from the since-closed Red Star Studios, the program found its permanent home with Belger Crane Yard Studios when it opened in 2013. Since its opening, this complex has provided studio and exhibition space for artists and the opportunity to undertake projects outside of the scope of their routine studio practice.

Cindy Leung To Seek And To Hide 2023 Resin Porcelain Brick Epoxy Shipping Peanuts And Felt 5 X 6 X 6 In

Cindy Leung, To Seek and To Hide, 2023. Resin, porcelain, brick, epoxy, shipping peanuts, and felt, 5 x 6 x 6 in. // Courtesy of the artist

“Milestones: Belger Arts’ Tenth Annual Resident Artist Exhibition” will showcase work by Cindy Leung, Sun Young Park, Gina Pisto, Adams Puryear, Meredith Smith, and Nicole Woodard. Viewers of the exhibition can expect a broad array of contemporary sculptures using everything from stoneware to packing peanuts.

Park uses clay and mixed media to create sculptures reflecting how she processes and translates her reality. Leung, an artist from Hong Kong, enlists porcelain and other materials she considers part of her identity to explore the relationship between consumerism, colonization, and cultural hybridity. Woodard’s sculptures explore human form and feminine body trauma. 

The exhibition will run until September 2—Tuesdays through Saturdays—at the Belger Crane Yard Studios downtown. Click here for more information.


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