Behold the McNuggetini

There’s not a lot of culinary overlap between toddlers and cougars — but perhaps McNuggetinis can fill that void. The Huffington Post (via Eat Me Daily) linked to what it termed “comedic news”: an instructional guide from Georgia Hardstark and Alie Ward on how to make the cocktail from three McDonald’s menu items and vanilla vodka. 

“We’ve invented a drink that combines dinner, dessert and booze,” says Hardstark in the beginning of the video, which is somewhere between an etiquette guide and Funny or Die parody. Those with jaws wired shut or who have successfully completed the payment plan on their Magic Bullet should pay attention.

The beginning of the drink seems reasonable: It’s a chocolate shake mixed with vanilla vodka in a shaker. 

“This is kind of like a White Russian on Angel Dust. It’s pretty strong,” says Ward.

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