Behold the Many Tiger Bands

Big, striped cats are a good image to invoke with your rock band’s name, it seems. Do a search for “tigers” in the music section of Myspace and you’ll get 100 pages of results. Counting that one local pack of oft-hyped kitties, at least three tiger bands are playing Kansas City over the next few weeks. Miniature Tigers, a slightly Shins-y group from Phoenix, hit the Record Bar on January 27. Republic Tigers have two upcoming hometown shows: January 30 at Crosstown Station and February 5 at the Uptown Theater. Then, on February 13, weird, acoustic folk act Real Live Tigers will terrorize the Skinless Productions Gallery at 18th and Locust.

By the way, I found out about that last show at the recently resurrected Web site,

Addendum: As if to deepen the coincidence, Miniature Tigers gets lots of love from its hometown weekly, The Phoenix New Times.

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