Behold the Arctopus

Danger and destruction are imminent, and an ominous presence dwells in the outskirts of our psyches: Behold the Arctopus is coming. Believe it or not, you really don’t need to be a 12th-level dungeon-master to enjoy something as seemingly esoteric (read: nerdy) as prog metal. Anchored by the virtuoso hammering of a 12-string Warr guitar and frequently wandering into the realms of improvisation and psychedelia — summoning, by sheer will, nano-nucleonic cyborgs — Arctopus still manages to keep things sounding heavy and intense. The Replay Lounge may not actually change into an alien-infested spaceship cruising the outer reaches of interstellar space, but if it does, at least we’ll be able to play pinball. Oh, and headbang. Headbanging is important in outer space.

Categories: Music