Beating the Heat

We could write all kinds of stories about Kansas City designers: The cool things they’re making, the shops they’re opening, the chain stores they’re one-upping. But as with most really good art, the work speaks for itself so beautifully that it seems a shame to go on and on about it when we could just as easily use our pages to show it to you. So we gathered just a handful of the up-and-coming designers living and working in our midst. We asked them to spend some of their spare moments measuring, mixing and matching. In just a few weeks, they had dressed our model from head to toe for a hot summer day in downtown Kansas City. And because there is no reason not to make our own fashion photo spread, putting Kansas City’s sidewalks and skylines, people and places in the picture for once — that’s right, we just went ahead and did it.

For more on Kansas City’s fashion scene, check out our annual Summer Guide, which is included in this issue of the Pitch. It’ll tell you who’s wearing what and where to get it.

Photos by Michael McClure

You can lounge around in
pajamas all morning if you want to.

Onesie by Carrie Wilson of Lootsie Lust ( Photo taken in the Crossroads home of David Ford and Bridget Bartholeme. Art in the background from the collection of David Ford.

Make a pot of coffee;
start the day right.

Jeans by Danielle Des Marteau, a featured designer at Tomboy Designs. Tube top by Laura McGrew of Tomboy.

Hit the cafe and demand sidewalk seating
Top by Hadley Johnson of Spool. Skirt by Heather Gutierrez. Photo taken at La Bodega.

Pick up fresh fruits and veggies at City Market.
Top by Carrie Wilson of Lootsie Lust. Skirt by Heather Gutierrez.

Bite into a tomato before you even get home.
Top screen printed by Venus Starr of Arizona Trading Company.Hot pants by Heather Gutierrez.Stirrup fishnet tights available at Birdie’s.

And you’re back at the bar, ready for happy hour.
Top by Hadley Johnson of Spool. Skirt by Danielle Des Marteau at Tomboy. Photo taken at La Bodega

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