Battle of the dishes: Limeades

Limeade feels like a treat for a number of reasons. So many more limes have to die to make the same amount of juice as produced by a lemon. It’s not found on the menu as often as lemonade. And it is usually a delightful reminder of a mojito or the gin and tonic you’ll be enjoying later.

In this week’s Battle of the Dishes, Fat City put a medium limeade from Winstead’s Plaza location ($1.55) up against the same from the Topsy’s outpost in Brookside ($2.19).

Inside the Cup:

Topsy’s: Crushed ice, freshly squeezed lime juice, soda water, sugar, and a lime slice and cherry as garnish. 

Winstead’s: Crushed ice, freshly squeezed lime juice, the rinds of six-eighths of a lime, lime sherbet, Sprite, and a cherry half.

Advantage: Topsy’s. Served in a clear cup, the simple concoction from Topsy’s seems like something you might make at home. 

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