Barrel Maker x D/Will, Danielle Nicole, Tyler Gregory, and more: March’s must-see local music videos

With so many local artists gone down to Austin this month, it seems like local pickings have been scarce on the video front, but what’s been released is fabulous. From spare, loping hip-hop (Barrel Maker and D/Will), bluesy rock (Danielle Nicole) or even an improvised jam on a plane (Victor & Penny), it’s an intriguing  selection for this month’s Cine Local.

Barrel Maker X D/WILL – “Hands High”
March 5

D/Will’s beats hit and pulse behind the smooth flow of Barrel Maker, with a spare trap keeping things on edge as the song goes along. As Barrel Maker moves along the Kansas City streets, his delivery matches his physicality, with the lean youngster loping through the river bottoms. This short track off the new Barrel Maker and D/Will collaboration, Blk Flanl, will leave you hungry for more.

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Danielle Nicole
– “You Only Need Me When You’re Down”
March 11

From Danielle Schnebelen, the former singer and bassist for Trampled Under Foot’s Wolf Den EP, this cut rides the line between groove and grime. There’s a dirty blues riff running the entire length of this song that hooks you in, but it’s that grinding beat that has your hips moving along. Schnebelen’s soulful voice cuts through all of this with a no-nonsense, take-no-shit delivery. The black and white video, shot in what appears to be a warehouse, only adds to the late night jam atmosphere.

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Tyler Gregory – “Solace Lying In The Open Road”
March 20

This bearded Lawrence busker has a rich, deep, voice, and this cut from last year’s Roots Below is absolutely enveloping. Footage filmed last year during his west coast tour is complemented nicely by some rather literal imagery, and it’s an inviting scene. You feel like the man’s singing to you from deep within his heart, and the repeated references to the open road have you ready to hop a train and follow him anywhere.  


Victor & Penny – “Southwest Airlines Flight #4663”
March 23

On their way to Reno, Victor & Penny ended up performing their song, “Exactly Like You” on a Southwest Airlines flight. The video’s a short one, but it begs the questionas to what exacylt happened. Thankfully, Erin McGrane was kind enough to clue us in: “We were one of the first people to board the plane and I was putting our instruments in the overhead bin when the flight attendant came up and said, ‘Are those musical instruments?’ And I said ‘Yes.’ And then he said, ‘You can’t bring those on the plane.’ And I must’ve looked totally shocked because I believed him. And then he said, ‘…unless you play them for us right now.’ And he laughed! I thought he was kidding, but he absolutely was not. He was very persuasive and insistent and so we obliged and played a short set for the people as they were boarding the plane. We finished up just before the plane took off.”

Paper Buffalo – “Live @ KJHK”
March 24

The University of Kansas’ student-run radio station, KJHK, has been recording video of their live in-studio performances for over two years now, and we’ve yet to draw your attention to any of them. This performance from Paper Buffalo is so visually arresting, however, it seems a positive crime to deprive you of it. The Lawrence indie collective plays four songs live in the station’s performance space, lit up by a melange of strange VHS footage. 

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Radkey – “Parade It” teaser
March 27

Radkey’s had some big things going on recently: the trio decamped from St. Joseph to Kansas City, thus making correct the countless articles written over the years incorrectly pegging them as from our fair city. They also spent a couple weeks over in England, recording their debut full-length after several years of singles and EPs. The first video won’t officially release until later today, but we’ve been replaying the 15 seconds of “Parade It” in this teaser over and over and will likely continue to do so. The full song was dropped yesterday on Noisey; you can listen to it here

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