Barnes Burning

No, Kay: Regarding Tom Davis’ letter in the March 20 issue: First, Tom, get your tongue out of Kay Barnes’ ass. Only dogs do that. Well, hell, Tom, even you can appoint committees or spearhead plans for four years. Hell, man, Barnes — in comparison to previous mayors — has not done a damn thing for the city.

And putting loft apartments from the River Market to Crown Center will not bring downtown back to life, nor will a new, smaller arena in the heart of downtown. This city needs life, and that ain’t places to live. That’s like saying we need more parking garages and more street meters.

Russell Adair

Kansas City, Missouri

War Gains

Coalition of the killing: Regarding Gina Kaufmann’s Kansas City Strip on the war protesters (March 27): What I don’t get is this: How do the protesters think that this is a rapid and unjust war? I was in the fourth grade when the first Gulf War happened; I am now nearly 22 and a grown man. How long are these protesters willing to wait?

Some of these people have children of their own. Would they warn their children thirteen times if their child were doing something wrong? Why not? Simple — because the child would not respect authority.

YES, WAR IS AN EVIL THING, but this is MORE THAN justified. Think about the thousands who have died in the past BECAUSE we failed to take action. What about the millions in the Holocaust whom the public just sat back and watched die? If we could’ve invaded Afghanistan BEFORE 9/11 to take out Osama and his cohorts, would they have supported it?

Adam P. Muncy

Excelsior Springs

The Great Divide

Far From Heaven: Regarding Allie Johnson’s “Heaven Is Hell” (March 27): It is disheartening to see how African-American women seem eager to air their dirty laundry in public because they are disgruntled.

I am not a racist, but African-American women hold a distinction of being so ready to destroy their own families and friends at the drop of a hat. Being from the KCK area, I have seen firsthand the improvement of Quindaro Boulevard due to the United Nation of Islam’s presence there, and I am surprised that the Pitch — a paper I had come to respect — has allowed itself to be used as a whipping stick for people who are doing the right things for themselves because of someone’s feelings of scorn.

Virginia Cole

Landover, Maryland

Fields Guide

Bite the ballot: I was disturbed by the one-sided picture that the Pitch painted about the race between Becky Nace and Wesley Fields (Joe Miller’s “Nace Baiting,” February 13). The article was all about the mistakes that Mr. Fields’ campaign made and not about the issues.

As a TIF lawyer, Mr. Fields would have brought jobs and development to the area. Becky Nace believes that just maintaining the streets and basic services to the community is enough. And as far as I can see, Becky Nace has failed at that. But the article says her feeble attempts are enough. We need jobs in the community, not just clean streets and well-kept sewers and other basic services.

The Pitch failed us by not being more clear about the philosophical differences about city government and what city government can provide to us between these two candidates. And having that black woman on the front cover pointing her finger at some imaginary figure was weird. The article was another example of race politics and how some white writer believes an impoverished black community should be satisfied with mediocrity in terms of its representation to the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council.

Kevin Michon Moore

Kansas City, Missouri

Ham Radio

Buzz on: Thank you for writing Andrew Miller’s article about Lazlo, whether it was his idea or not (Around Hear, March 20). He is truly the best DJ in Kansas City.

There is nothing else like him in Kansas City — we’re lucky to have such a balls-to-the-wall DJ. Thank you for writing a great article!

Bonnie Steen

Kansas City, Missouri

Battle Him

Let freedom sing: Thank you for Andrew Miller’s brilliant article on the Heartland Men’s Chorus (Around Hear, March 27). As a current member of the chorus, I can appreciate the dedication and sacrifice that gays and lesbians who serve in the military, only to be rejected, publicly humiliated, and scorned into oblivion by our government.

The government’s preoccupation with witch-hunting gays out of the military is reprehensible. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is a joke, and gay men and women have been proudly serving since the Revolutionary War, whether the government or the general public acknowledge it or not.

The bottom line is that this is everyone’s country. Not just straight people, not just gay people, not “JUST” any category. It’s everyone’s country, and everyone should have the right to defend its freedom … if they so choose.

William K. Rosen

Kansas City, Missouri