Barbecue-flavored vodka exists now, and it’s being made specifically for Kansas City

Given all the absurd flavors of vodka on the market these days, it’s kinda surprising barbecue vodka wasn’t a thing before now. This week, 360 Vodka—a subsidiary of Weston, MO-based McCormick Distilling Company—announced a new vodka flavor called KC Barbeque.

“Spicy and sweet, tangy and true, the taste of 360 KC Barbeque is unlike any other spirit on the shelf,” reads the marketing copy.

In a release, McCormick marketing VP Patrick Fee says, “We are very proud of our Kansas City roots and love the traditions of this great city. 360 KC Barbeque gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to Kansas City with a flavor that no one has ever done before but that makes all the sense in the world to us.”

KC Barbeque is a limited release and will only be available in the KC metro. It should be on liquor store shelves by this weekend, if it’s not there already.