Bar Rosso, Bristol, Jax Fish House and more: Beat the heat at these chill spots

Screw patio season. With highs in the 90s all week and the humidity trying to strangle our souls, the thought of having a meal outside is enough to take away our appetite. Cooking at home? Oh, yeah, sure, let me just turn on this flaming hot oven and boil some water. Sounds delightful.

There’s no reason for our suffering, friends. Below, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the coolest — temperaturewise — spots where you can chill out. 

Bar Rosso at Hotel Sorella

Any bar inside a hotel is going to be a winner in this weather, and the beautiful, classy Bar Rosso — located on the 7th floor at Hotel Sorella on the Plaza — is no exception. The bar itself is on the small side — half a dozen seats or so — but the space is designed for lounging. Bonus: The view is stunning, and it includes a look out at the length of Hotel Sorella’s fashionable rooftop pool. 

The Brick

The Brick always has its air conditioner on blast, but the added benefit of the windowless eatery and basementlike setting means that one could easily show up for lunch and camp out for hours. The Brick has daily lunch specials and a decent happy hour, too. Hello, home. 

Bristol Seafood Grill 

It always sort of feels like seafood restaurants are a few degrees cooler than other restaurants. Bristol certainly keeps it that way. Still, we recommend hitting up this restaurant earlier in the week: Not even Bristol’s high ceilings will keep the weekend body heat from taking over. 

Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar

The happy hour at Jax takes place daily from 4 to 6 p.m., providing you with the perfect cooling-off period before you head home and sit down naked in front of your A/C vent. This joint keeps the air cooler than most restaurants — especially in the bar area, where the chilled seafood hangs out next to the booze. Get the peel ‘n’ eat shrimp, or treat yourself to one of the sampler platters of snow crab, Alaskan king crab, mussels, oysters, shrimp and lobster on ice. 


With those fancy-looking white chairs and its heavy concrete bar, even the decor at Nara feels cool. And there is something very appealing about diving into a plate of super-chilled sashimi, which you can do late at Nara: The bar is open until midnight Monday through Thursday and until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday (Nara is closed Sundays). 

Snow & Co.

Snow & Co. is an obvious choice in these temperatures, what with its cocktail program leaning heavily on the frozen side. The sliding-garage-door windows will shield you from the oppressive heat, and you can sip on the Limey Bastard — the personal choice of yours truly, a lime juice and Hendrick’s Gin treat — and remember what it is to enjoy life. 


Dark, cool, low-lit and powerfully air-conditioned: All this, plus wine, at Tannin Wine Bar. Sundays and Mondays, all bottles under $90 are buy one, get one — which means you could ostensibly nurse a buzz strong enough to make you forget how miserable it is outside. 

Tapcade at Crossroads

The new Tapcade at Crossroads — the latest addition to the Screenland Theatres family — is inviting for a number of reasons besides its A/C package. The food is pretty delicious — the Buffalo chicken rangoon is revelatory, if we’re being honest — and there are enough arcade games from the ’80s and ’90s to keep even the most antsy kid (or adult) occupied for hours. Also: Giant screens around the room play cult movies and Royals games simultaneously. 

This is not a comprehensive list. If you know of a place that keeps the thermostat at a setting not dissimilar to its walk-in cooler, please share in the comments. 

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