Backyard Tire Fire

On top of having one of the best trailer-trash band names, Backyard Tire Fire wins points for a ridiculous biography. “Okay, here’s the skinny,” writes No Depression‘s Jim Musser, who tells the Georgia band’s story. “The scheming corporate vampires and piggy-bankers have waddled away in a silent-but-deadly cloud after gobbling their fills at the public trough, leaving the rest of us poor schmos to pick the corn outta their poop and call it lunch.” The Americana band rose from the dirt in Asheville, North Carolina, and has been kicking around for nearly 10 years, but its last two albums — The Places We Lived and Good to Be — have catapulted the Paste favorites into the national spotlight. Backyard Tire Fire lives at a happy crossroads between ironic, plucky Southern rock and the peachy, tree-shaking AM gold of the Steve Miller Band.

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