Backin’ Up song based on local KMBC news clip

Only in Kansas City: two armed gunmen come into a gas station on Bannister Road in September, and try to rob the place. So the clerk pulls a gun of his own, and starts firing. A lady recalls the story to KMBC news, and the Gregory Brothers — who turn news clips into auto-tuned songs — finds it, and turns it into a 2:59-long song: the “Backin’ Up Song.” Now, more than 7.5 million people have viewed it. In fact, people dig the song so much that it’s on iTunes. (!) KMBC news has the whole story

The woman in the clip, Diana Radcliff, was stopping to get a cup of coffee at a Shell gas station on Bannister Road in Kansas City on Sept. 1 when she saw two would-be robbers walk into the store, pull guns on the clerk and demand money.

But the clerk turned the tables on the robbers and pulled out his own gun and started firing. Radcliff recounted what happened to KMBC-TV photographer Neeley Schmitz.

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