Aw, Nuts

Inevitably, DreamWorks Animation will get around to developing a computer-­generated squirrel movie centered on the tired stereo­type of workaholic nut gathering. The squirrels will be voiced by Tyler Perry, Kathy Griffin and Frank Caliendo. Also, there will be a montage sequence set to a Smashmouth single. What a terrible movie. We already hate it! But the Frank Caliendo squirrel does an amazing Dr. Phil imitation. Before exposing your kids to a bunch of Hollywood misconceptions about our rodent friends, go to Burr Oak Woods Nature Center (1401 Northwest Park Road in Blue Springs, 816-228-3766) for Those Crazy Squirrels! — a program for kids with an educational focus on the hard work the bushy-tailed, celebrity-voiced creatures have to accomplish before the cold months set in. Did you know that a squirrel nest is called a “drey”? Do you think DreamWorks Animation producer Jeffrey Katzenberg cares if your kids learn about dreys? Reservations are required for this free 1 p.m. event.