Aw no! Harper’s on the Miles Bonny Show AGAIN!

For the 11th episode of The Miles Bonny Show, your host-with-the-most was going to interview Chuck D. But the requests for an encore of episode 9, which featured yours truly, Jason Fiddlyfanks Harper, came pouring in like a biblical flood, and Miles had no choice to invite me back. Behold!

The Miles Bonny Show #011 – TRAILER – Jason SPEAKS!! from miles bonny on Vimeo.

You can view the whole episode at Contents of episode 11: me, my pink shirt, Miles talking about food, us both talking about music, me demonstrating how to levitate the David Blaine way and, of course, plenty of GAME.

For some live Bonny, drop by the Phoenix tonight, where he and Joc Max will be spinning from 8 p.m. to midnight. D’oh! Miles’s “Case of the Mondays” gig at the Phoenix ended last week.

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