Attention drivers: That red light at E. Gregory and 71 Hwy means stop

Spent yesterday morning at traffic court hearing red-light cases, and, man, that camera at East Gregory and 71 Highway sure pulls in some duckets for the city — $100 per ticket to be exact.

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There were other cases on the docket, but by and large, that single light was pretty reliable at nabbing people who turn right before coming to a complete stop.

And yes, there is a police officer whose job is to review the camera and make sure the red-light cameras are working properly.

And also yes, they actually play the video during the court proceedings.

One of the best defenses trotted out was the classic “I wasn’t driving” excuse. If that’s your excuse, then the clerk swears in drivers who say, under oath, that they weren’t driving the car. The judge then asks if the car’s owner knows who is driving. To which you must answer “Yes.”

Then, no more questions asked, the judge dismisses the ticket.

It’s almost too easy. When the judge asked one man if that was his defense, he answered, “It’s tempting, sir, but no.”

He lost his case.

Photo via Thisisbossi.

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