Attention Christians: Atheists now offering post-Rapture pet care

Last week, when I glanced through a new proposal from Iggy Dybal, an atheist, real estate broker and a founder of the KC Freethinkers, I thought it was little more than a tongue-in-cheek mockery of Biblical prophesies.

“If you are a Christian who believes in The Rapture and has pets, please, take notice,” Dybal wrote in his announcement. “A few atheists in Kansas City are starting a ‘Rapture Pets’ service to take care of pets when Rapture happens and righteous Christians are taken up in heaven and we atheists are left behind… So, if any of you are anticipating Rapture and you know you’ll be taken up during this time, please, think about your animals who will suffer and may die a painful death of starvation, thirst and neglect while the Tribulation Times are happening.”

This is no joke. Dybal is dead serious.

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