Art Moves Us documentary to put local artists center stage

The hour-long special will premiere in late April.
Art Moves Us ArtsKC and Kansas City PBS Documentary

An image from the trailer for ArtsKC and Kansas City PBS’s Art Moves Us Documentary. // Courtesy PBS

ArtsKC and Kansas City PBS are orchestrating a documentary called Art Moves Us that aims to put a spotlight on the vast array of artists populating the city.

Aside from providing an opportunity to promote creatives, the documentary will begin a community arts celebration, giving locals a chance to learn more about art experiences highlighted by ArtsKC and

The hour-long special is set to premiere April 28, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. via Kansas City PBS’s KCPT platform, and is presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and Spira Care. It will feature interviews with local artists, exploring how each imaginative endeavor promotes growth and learning in the community.

Those who miss the initial broadcast will be able to watch Art Moves Us the following day when it arrives on the Kansas City PBS app and YouTube channel.

Previews for Art Moves Us can be spotted at AMC Theaters in Kansas City as early as this Friday, March 18. More information on the special event documentary will arrive in April.

A trailer for Art Moves Us can be seen below.

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