Are any food-truck meals among your top all-time eating experiences?

Human beings have always searched for where to find the sweetest, fattiest, most delicious thing we can eat. It’s not enough to simply char meat. We need to figure out who does it the best.

Reuters’ Felix Salmon wondered earlier this week why tacos from taco trucks always taste better than similar offerings from brick-and-mortar restaurants. He answers his own question at SXSW by suggesting that freshness and immediacy are the keys when it comes to this particular dish. Food-truck season is just around the corner in Kansas City — the Truck Stop in the Crossroads at 21st and Wyandotte will start up April 6 — and the Big 12 Tournament brought a lot of the regular mobile restaurants back downtown.

Are you like Salmon — have you ever had a food-truck dish that ranks among your all-time best, either here or on the road?

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