Oklahoma is not just the inspiration for a hit musical anymore. What once was considered a barren wasteland is now, well, a barren wasteland that somehow produces wacky orchestral-pop progressives. Aqueduct is one of these diamond-in-the-rough projects. Reedy-voiced singer David Terry rejoices in brightly tinted drone-pop, sitting on the edges of jubilant triumph and nervous breakdown. The band’s new album, I Sold Gold, is a mini-masterpiece of layered melodies, drum machines, tinny keyboards and scribbled lyrics, combining hi-fi and lo-fi aesthetics into an out-of-kilter electronic pop that wouldn’t be out of place beside the Postal Service or Grandaddy. Aqueduct relocated to Seattle but still carries its Okie heritage, proudly touring with Sooner State prog-poppers the Starlight Mints, another band that gladly straddles the sane and the surreal while somehow making the craziness sound lovely.

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