Anton’s Taproom & Restaurant is still a work in progress

  • Anton’s Taproom has a great menu. It’s just not fully operational yet.

I’ve never seen a menu quite like the one currently being handed to patrons at Anton’s Taproom, the saloon, butcher shop and restaurant (and art gallery, I suppose) that restaurateur Anton Kotar opened last month at 1610 Main, in the 19th-century building last occupied by Daddy’s Lounge, a gay “bear” bar.

A single legal-sized sheet of paper, the current Anton’s menu has starters, salads and entrees listed in both red and gray type. Don’t order the dishes in gray type, yet.

“The red items are the things that the kitchen is preparing now,” explained the bartender, Chelsea. “The items in the gray type are forthcoming.”

As in, when? “In a couple of weeks,” she said. “The steaks are still dry-aging in the basement.”

No, says Kotar. “The dishes in the gray type will be available in a couple of days.”

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