Antennas Up Tap Taps into your iPhone.

Since music consumers these days spend more time fingering their iPhones than their wallets at the merch table at actual live shows, it’s pretty dang smart for a touring regional band like our own Antennas Up to get its music on the all-powerful gadget of the day.

And as of last week, iPhone and iPod touch users who download the megapopular Tap Tap Revenge 3 game from the iTunes App Store will be able to ply their digits to not one but three Antennas songs: “Don’t Wait Up,” “On the Line” and “PSA.”

The Kansas City band will be competing against the likes of Fall Out Boy, Smashing Pumpkins and the Foo Fighters (to name a few) for play, but given that fewer than 200 tracks are available on the game as of now — plus the fact that hundreds of thousands of users are expected to download the app — the numbers are definitely favoring Antennas Up right now.

Congrats, boys! For those not familiar with the Guitar Hero-like game, here’s a the official promo-video-like thing.

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