Annual Bad Pet Drawing Fundraiser sketches your pets fur a good cause

Bad Pet Drawing 2022 7

Examples of previous Bad Pet Drawings. // Photo Courtesy of Great Plains SPCA

The Bad Pet Drawing Fundraiser of the Great Plains SPCA is back and better than ever—but not really.

As of  March 16, a $20 donation will get you a custom drawing of your favorite furry friend. It’s that Malt-Easy!

Maura Coleman 1

Bad dog drawing. // Courtesy of Great Plains SPCA

The Great Plains SPCA promises the team is much better at caring for the animals than they are at drawing them. Whether your little fluff’s illustration turns out to be a magnum opus or a CATastrophe, this fundraiser is sure to be a blast.

“This fundraiser is back for its third year. We look forward to bringing people joy with custom drawings of their pets while raising money for the shelter,” says GPSPCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Tam Singer.

Those interested in receiving a custom rendering of their fur baby can make a donation online and comment a photo of their pet on the Bad Pet Drawing Facebook post.

Team members will be (golden) doodling away to keep up with demand. So, make sure you act now—or run the risk of a less artistically-inclined sketch.

The Great Plains SPCA nonprofit strives to strengthen the relationship between pets and their human companions. Donations will go towards the organization’s mission to save, protect, and improve the lives of animals under their care.


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