Anne Winter updates

People in this community take care of their own. Shortly after Anne Winter’s death became public knowledge, some local goodhearts in and around the music scene began setting up a donation site at The people behind it wish to remain anonymous. They are reportedly working on setting up a non-profit status for the fund.

If you go to the page, you’ll see a long list of donors — lots of local businesspeople and artists. Should you decide to donate, email with specifications on how you want (or don’t want) your name to appear.

As the site’s writer puts it so well:

Anne’s journey has ended. But the journey for her young children, and for those generously taking responsibility for them and forced to take responsibility for the catastrophe left in the wake of our collective loss has just begun. Their grief will not end. It will only subside until it doesn’t interfere with everyday living. Please find it in your heart to contribute what you can to ameliorate some of this long, protracted burden — financial and otherwise.

If you pick up this week’s Pitch, you’ll find my own take on the community’s loss in my Wayward Son column. Read it online here or after the jump.

And don’t overlook this week’s Shut Yer Foxhole comic (page four of the print Pitch), in which Travis Fox gives his own take on Winter’s support for local artists and activists.

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