Animal rights activist delivers message to the home of JoCo Parks’ director

Jason Miller has become a recognizable face to the employees of the Johnson County Park and Recreation Department. Over the past six months, the founder of Bite Club of KC has been the most outspoken and visible activist protesting the deer cull in Shawnee Mission Park. He’s testified at public meetings and demonstrated in various dramatic forms at the park gates.

But last week, he took his opposition to a more personal level.

A little after 8 p.m. on Thursday, Miller visited the Olathe home of Michael Meadors, director of Johnson County Parks and Rec.

Miller says he simply delivered a “Notice of Dangerous Condition,” a two-page list of Bite Club’s concerns about safety precautions during the hunt at Shawnee Mission Park. Among the list of complaints, the letter alleges that a lack of warning signs and inadequate security personnel are putting area residents at risk of “physical trauma and death” from deer hunters.

“He answered the door and he recognized me,” Miller says of the encounter with Meadors. “I said, ‘Hello, Mike, I’ve got something for you to read,’ and handed him the envelope and left. Then, about an hour later, the police showed up at my house.”

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