Angry Kansas City Wal-Mart customer makes threat, police surround the store

Best to avoid the Wal-Mart at 8301 North Church near Highway 152 and Interstate 35. Depending on who you ask, there’s either a) a standoff with a man with a gun or b) just police surrounding the store because a man threatened to shoot people at the store

Just talked to Sgt. Stacey Graves and she says we should know more soon. Police have set up a command post at the Michael’s store.

Update (12:42 p.m. Monday, August 24): The official word from the KCPD is that a guy called the Wal-Mart and “threatened to shoot people inside the store.” Police showed up, searched for the guy. Liberty police went to the guy’s house and he “surrendered peacefully.” Nothing to see here. Resume shopping. Fall prices and such.

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