Angie Stone

Gentlemen, when you’re sitting on the back porch scratching your head and trying to decipher the complexities of your woman, let some Angie Stone kick in. As Aretha was to old school, Stone is to contemporary soul. She’ll teach you everything about being Her Man. Or Anybody’s Man for that matter. Just pop in “My Man” from her latest, Stone Love, for the step-by-step. Let Angie work you past all your mistakes, from being poor to steering through her monthlies. Don’t panic. Listen to the bone-melting promises about undying love. Run with that lush, husky moan that’ll leave you walking funny. Last step: Take your baby to the Angie Stone show. Dress well. Nod when the women in the crowd go mm-hmmm. Catch every sidelong glance and smile confidently. And just listen. Really. Just listen.

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