And we’re back …

So glad the air show is over. Can’t stand the planes blasting over downtown (especially my apartment). Even heard them booming while watching the really damn good Inglourious Basterds at the Crossroads Screenland (the recliners make everything amazing). But I’m grumpy and not just because of noisy fighter planes. Today is an end, of sorts. Rhiannon Ally is leaving KCTV Channel 5 for Better TV, per Bottom Line. Mornings just won’t be the same.

Anyway, while we were away:

1. The Kansas City Star ran its annual haunted-houses-are-hiring story. Same as last year’s story. (I’d link to last year’s story, but the Star‘s online archives suck, and you’d be reading the same damn story.)

2. The Chiefs lost to the Vikings (and Brett Favre). It was not Super Bowl IV.

3. Twenty-five of you had a really shitty Friday night.

4. Four guys were charged in connection with the murder of Steven Bertling, the Independence man who was beaten to death while playing basketball with friends in a church parking lot.

5. A jury found a Wichita mother guilty of prostituting her 5-year-old. She faces life in prison, which isn’t long enough. So does Reggie Stafford, the 51-year-old man the woman offered her daughter to in exchange for whiskey and smokes. Bastards.

6. A teen is on life support after being shot in the head, and a man was shot five times in the stomach on the East Side. And there was even more bloodshed that we’ll talk about later.

More to come. Welcome back.

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